Your smallest patients deserve a big solution.

Thank you for your curiosity about SafeBaby®! We are proud to be the safest breastmilk tracking system available on the market. Combining specialized medical hardware and innovative programming, SafeBaby® is a complete feed, safety, and inventory management system for the largest or smallest NICU or human milk donor bank.  Since 2009, we have provided medical and milk pasteurization facilities with the means to improve their operations and patient outcomes without spending more time on administrative tasks. By electronically tracking a hospital’s inventory of donor, expressed, and formula milks, neonatologists can ensure that every infant receives correct nutrition free from contamination or concern.


our mission at SafeBaby® is to provide safe and proper nutrition for every preemieParagon believes that every child deserves access to safe and healthy nutrition. In the case of prematurely-born infants, however, it can be difficult to provide baby-friendly and compliant care when they require such delicate handling. In the challenging and dynamic environment of the NICU, neonatal professionals must achieve a constant balance between patient safety and efficient treatment. The SafeBaby® Software Solution was developed with the needs of nurses and preemies in mind: no matter how many patients require medical care, our system ensures that yours will receive safe, cost-effective, and personalized feeds free from incorrect nutrition.



learn about SafeBaby and our partnersSafeBaby® collaborates with several well-trusted brands in the healthcare industry to create innovative, efficient, and safe caregiving systems.  Partnering with us means partnering with the very best and brightest in the barcoding and healthcare industries. We only work with companies who share our strict standards of quality and innovation. The hospitals, milk banks, and medical centers who rely on our technology and the technologies of our partners know that they can count on serious experts to provide a user-friendly, effective method for treating delicate preemie patients.



our clients are important to usSafeBaby® provides breast milk or donor milk tracking systems and nutritional analysis to hospitals, medical centers, and milk banks across the country.  While each system is customized to best fit the facility’s unique needs and business processes, it’s still nice to see examples of our technology out in the “real world,” as a way to guess at whether our solution will work for you.  Paragon is proud to show interested buyers why countless doctors and nurses trust us to run their NICU or bank operations.  Discover how some of our current clients use SafeBaby® and see how we can help you too by learning more about what we offer!



contact safebaby® to receive a quote or ask a questionWant to learn more about SafeBaby®‘s creators? Click the link below to discover Paragon Data Systems!


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