Cleveland will Host the RNC: SafeBaby Service will be Uninterrupted

By Bri Ziganti

cleveland will host the RNC

Starting next week, Cleveland will host the RNC.  While some cities have enjoyed a long history of being selected to host, this is the first time that Cleveland has been chosen to harbor the Republican National Convention since 1936.  Our company is excited to welcome the delegates to our beautiful North East Ohio district.

As our downtown offices will be near the heart of RNC activities, the SafeBaby team has made preparations to provide uninterrupted service to our clients during this time.  To avoid any delays, calls to our downtown office will be answered by our distribution center.  Sales inquires should be directed to our usual toll-free number at 800.211.0768, or can be sent here.

Clients needing technical support during the RNC should continue calling our dedicated, 24/7 Priority Support Line, as our service hours will not change.  Our technicians are on-call and available to your staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are not yet a client of Paragon, we would love to have the opportunity to service your NICU.  SafeBaby is a full-scale software system that tracks breastmilk, donor milk, and formula feedings to preemies being treated in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Before a child can be fed, the SafeBaby system checks that the milk isn’t expired or incompatible with their treatment.  Completed feeds are then recorded automatically in the patient’s EMR.  By preventing misfeeds and milk mix-ups, SafeBaby allows nurses to provide the hands-on care their patients need without an overwhelming amount of administrative tasks.

We are proud that Cleveland will host the RNC, and look forward to a safe and productive event.

Interested in improving safety while avoiding the two-nurse check?  Call us at 800.211.0768 or fill out our short questionnaire.  Our team can custom-create the perfect breastmilk tracking system for your staff.

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