Send us your feedback!

We want to know how SafeBaby works for you!  If you are a current client, please consider taking our short feedback survey and let us know how our team and our products are performing.  From our many years in the healthcare field, we’ve learned that no two NICUs are alike- which is why it’s so vital for us to have an accurate picture of your unique needs.  Unlike other companies, we spend the time to learn about your current workflow and treatment processes so we can tailor our SafeBaby Breastmilk Tracking system to your individual NICU, milk bank, or medical center.  Our most important concern is your satisfaction.

Please fill out the short feedback survey below. If you have concerns, questions, or complaints, we encourage you to reach out and contact our team at any time.


Curious about how SafeBaby® has worked for others? While every NICU has different needs, it’s nice to see whether we’ve worked with similar hospital systems in the past. Our system thrives in hospitals and milk banks of every size around the country. Click here to read about some of our current clientele and the solution we developed for their patients.  SEE MORE

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