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Combining specialized medical hardware and innovative programming, the SafeBaby® Software Solution is a complete feed and safety management system for the largest or smallest NICU.  By electronically tracking a hospital or milk bank’s inventory of donor, expressed, and formula milks, neonatologists can ensure that every infant receives correct nutrition free from contamination or concern.

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If your hospital or milk bank doesn’t have an automated and dynamic way to capture and store data, you’re not only wasting time and money- you’re putting delicate preemies at risk for a disastrous misfeed.  Since 2009, SafeBaby® has been working to prevent unnecessary errors and create a more secure NICU with our innovative and user-friendly feed management system.  Our more recently developed donor milk inventory solution utilizes this same barcode technology to provide milk banks with a full traceability capabilities.  When a SafeBaby® System milk bank partners with a SafeBaby®-run NICU, each facility can track, identify, and validate every bottle of milk before it is administered to the patient.  We invite you to request your free consultation to learn more about our truly revolutionary NICU and milk bank solutions.  SEE MORE

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