Explore some of the current hospitals and milk banks who use SafeBaby® and see why our clients trust in our solution

our clients are important to usIn the challenging and dynamic environment of the NICU, neonatal professionals must achieve a constant balance between patient safety and efficient treatment.  Human milk banks face a similar balancing act, needing to remain one step ahead of donor milk shortages, food safety concerns, and supply chain breakdowns.

The SafeBaby® Software Solution is a full-scale system developed with the needs of nurses, milk banks, and preemies in mind.  No matter how many patients require care, our system ensures that yours will receive safe, cost-effective, and personalized feeds free from incorrect, expired, or contaminated nutrition.  While each system is customized to best fit the facility’s unique needs and business processes, it’s still nice to see examples of our technology out in the “real world,” as a way to guess at whether our solution will work for you.  Paragon is proud to show prospective clients why countless doctors and nurses trust us to run their NICU or bank tracking.  Discover how SafeBaby® can streamline your operations, identifying the nutritional characteristics of each bottle of milk and delivering it to the premature children in need.

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Northside uses the SafeBaby® systemNorthside of Atlanta, Georgia, is the undisputed leader in maternity services. To date, their staff delivers more babies per year than any other community-level hospital in the country. Northside installed Safebaby® BMT in March of 2012 to track formula, donor milk, and milk fortification in addition to traditional expressed breast milk. Approximately 800 feeds per day are validated using their NICU’s SafeBaby® system.


Gwinnett Hospital uses the SafeBaby® systemGwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, installed SafeBaby® in their NICU in 2010, to validate over 240 feeds per day.  Gwinnett was named one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals in 2012 and continues to offer excellent neonatal treatment.  Their state-of-the-art high-risk pregnancy unit and their private maternity/baby suites encourage bonding between parent and preemie during recovery.  As one of our longest-standing clients, Gwinnett has partnered with Paragon to implement more efficient, competitive care in their region.

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