It’s not just our name.  It’s our mission.

our mission at SafeBaby® is to provide safe and proper nutrition for every preemieParagon believes that every child deserves access to safe and healthy nutrition. In the case of prematurely-born infants, however, it can be difficult to provide baby-friendly and compliant care when they require such delicate handling. In the challenging and dynamic environment of the NICU, neonatal professionals must achieve a constant balance between patient safety and efficient treatment. The SafeBaby® system was developed with the needs of nurses and preemies in mind: no matter how many patients require medical care, our system ensures that yours will receive safe, cost-effective, and personalized feeds free from incorrect nutrition.  Who is Paragon?

Since 2009, SafeBaby® has been working to create a more secure NICU with our innovative and user-friendly BMT feed management systems. Recently, we’ve expanded our line to offer similar DMT tracking and management software to donor milk banks, as well as Safenutrition® Milk Analysis software for the fortification of formula and breastmilk. SafeBaby® software is currently used in hospitals and donor milk banks around the country to ensure the continued growth and safety of at-risk children while remaining HIPAA, JCAHO, ADA, FDA and ASPEN compliant and supporting baby-friendly initiatives.  SafeBaby® is a patent-protected product.


By scanning the unique 2-D barcode on each tube of expressed breast milk or formula, SafeBaby® Software validates that the correct milk is being fed to the correct child, and verifies the contents are not expired or otherwise incompatible for the baby’s current treatment plan. If the patient requires additional milk fortification, the system will identify the mixture amount and aid the nurse in bottle preparation. After tracking the volume, fortification, and time of the administered feed, the SafeBaby® System automatically updates the patient’s EMR, ensuring no vital information is lost and each feed has been accounted for.

Pairing our software with tools like Neomed®’s closed-system bottles and enteral feeding tubes guarantees that the expressed breast milk, donor milk, or formula is never exposed to air, reaching the baby without risking tubing misconnections or bacterial contamination and decreasing hospital liability. All of our products are designed to work together to provide efficient milk collection, storage, fortification, and delivery from inventory banks and mothers to the NICU; yet can operate independently when their isolated functions are desired. This comprehensive feed management system combines the innovation and security of electronic software, the dependability of NICU-tested hardware, and the quality of specialized formulas to bring you one patented solution unlike any other available on the market.


Learn more about our comprehensive solution!  Click here to see how our mission comes to life in the NICU. WATCH OUR VIDEO

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