Innovative preemie care with SafeBaby® products

Discover our full line of safe, compliant, and innovative milk management tools for the treatment of vulnerable premature infants.  Since 2009, we’ve been providing comprehensive systems to NICUs around the country to modernize their feed and reporting protocols.  More recently, SafeBaby’s products have expanded to include milk tracking for donor banks, and fortification analysis software that reads the chemical components of milk or formula and recommends nutrient additives.  SafeBaby® products are the creation of Paragon Data Systems, Inc., a barcoding hardware and software firm dedicated to designing custom data collection and processing systems.


SafeBaby® breast milk tracking for hospitals and donor banksSafeBaby® BMT is breast milk tracking software for complete NICU feed management.  Using a unique barcode, nurses can identify, scan, store, and validate expressed breast milk, donor milk, and formula to provide efficient and personalized care free from misfeeds.  After a feeding takes place, updated information is automatically communicated to the hospital’s EMR system.  Our software’s built-in safeguards and functionality eliminates the two-nurse check and allows NICU staff to focus on hands-on interactions instead of tending to administrative tasks.



SafeBaby DMT provides safety measures and traceability for donor milk banksSafeBaby® DMT is donor milk tracking software for use in donation milk banks.  Our barcode allows milk banks to collect, store, pool, and process donated expressed breast milk.  After pasteurization, technicians can save each bottle’s batch number, caloric content, volume, and expiration date in their database, so any one bottle can be traced back to the source.  This serialized label is compatible with SafeBaby® BMT, so client hospitals who use our system can access this information, as well as view available product inventory.



SSafenutrition® comprehensive nutrition analysis from SafeBaby® products helps preemiesafeNutrition® Analysis allows neonatologists to see a comprehensive chemical breakdown of nutrient content in all expressed breast milk, donor milk, and supplemented formula feeds, and compare their components to extensive macronutrient tables. Once each source has been analyzed, our system will recommend a customized fortification for each individual patient.  Optimizing nutrition to promote faster growth and weight gain will improve your patients’ recovery times and overall health.


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