The comprehensive solution to NICU and human milk bank inefficiencies

In the challenging and dynamic environment of the NICU, neonatal professionals must achieve a constant balance between patient safety and efficient treatment.  Human milk banks face a similar balancing act, needing to remain one step ahead of donor milk shortages, food safety concerns, and supply chain breakdowns.  SafeBaby® is a full-scale system developed with the needs of nurses, milk banks, and preemies in mind.  No matter how many patients require care, our system ensures that yours will receive safe, cost-effective, and personalized feeds free from incorrect, expired, or contaminated nutrition.  Discover how SafeBaby® can streamline your operations, identifying the nutritional characteristics of each bottle of milk and delivering it to the premature children in need.


SafeBaby® system milk to patient chartSafeBaby® tracks all aspects of the feeding cycle- from milk bank or mother, to bottle, to baby- to create a safe, effective, and affordable system process flow for your donor milk bank or NICU.  SafeBaby® BMT is breast milk tracking software for complete NICU feed management, validating feeds and eliminating the two-nurse check.  SafeBaby® DMT is donor milk tracking software that allows human milk banks to collect, store, pool, and process donated expressed breast milk, and trace each bottle back to the source.  Click to read more.



the dynamic SafeBaby® label can do so much moreWith just one of our dynamic labels, your NICU or milk bank can become safer and more efficient without sacrificing on cost.  From the moment milk is received at a donor bank or expressed from the patient’s mother, the bottle is marked with a unique label that contains information on the milk source, calories, expiration, nutrition, and more.  Before a child is fed, our solution cross-references the bottle’s barcode with the barcode on the intended recipient’s wristband.  If a mismatch is detected, the action is flagged and the nurse is warned not to proceed, preventing a misfeed well before it happens.  Click to read more about our innovative label.



newborns in the NICU rely on our system for safe and efficient feedingsCurious to see how our system works?  The SafeBaby solution validates each bottle before it is given to a patient, because we know that every feed counts.  Proper nutrition during the first few weeks of life can help protect and develop a baby’s immune system and promote healthy growth.  But when a patient is as delicate and as vulnerable as a preemie, finding the energy to eat can be exhausting and their recovery can be delayed.  By validating a feed before it takes place, SafeBaby® ensures that no opportunity for growth and healing is wasted.  Watch our system in action and discover why we are the best choice for busy NICUs.



too little for a little mistakePremature birth can be a harrowing experience for preemies, their parents, and the doctors who treat them. Preemie tissues are extremely delicate and often too underdeveloped to handle the same amounts of milk that a full-term baby can process. Unfortunately, preemies need to grow quickly in order to thrive, necessitating them begin fed as much milk as they can possibly digest.  As a result, every meal can be a battle. Our short film explores the importance of installing an efficient breastmilk tracking and validation system in the NICU that attains these nutrition goals. These patients are too little for even a “little” mistake and need targeted help.


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