Discover the minds behind SafeBaby®

Discover the truth about Paragon- why our clients trust us to keep their patients safe, healthy, and fedParagon Data Systems is a barcoding hardware and software design company based in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are experienced, licensed resellers of barcoding printers, scanners, and mobile computers, barcoding media such as labels and ribbons, and class 1 division 1 explosion-safe electronic devices.  Since 1995, our firm has been creating and integrating imaginative software systems for companies with data collection requirements.  Our experience in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, industrial, and hazardous industries ensure that every Paragon-sold solution or product is custom-fit to a business’ specific needs and guaranteed compliant.

We developed SafeBaby® because we saw a serious, unfilled need for more efficient tracking and data capture in the NICU.  Manual entry causes work to slow and allows room for error- mistakes which can be deadly in a medical environment.  Using our system, nurses can scan a bottle’s barcode to instantly access and update changes in bottle location, expiration, volume, recipe, and more.


Many businesses have data requirements outside the standard offerings of off-the-shelf barcode products.  Our company specializes in creating unique systems for companies with niche needs.  If you’ve ever been told that your company is too small, too niche, or too difficult to help, we are the consultants you want to call.  Have a conversation with us about your current challenges and your goals for the future.  We’ll identify your real data collection needs and provide a safe solution that doesn’t compromise on function. Click here to learn more about Paragon and the myriad of systems we offer our clients DISCOVER PARAGON

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