Paragon collaborates with several well-trusted brands in the healthcare industry to create innovative, efficient, and safe caregiving systems.

When you work with the SafeBaby,® team at Paragon, you receive so much more than a feed management system. Partnering with us means partnering with the very best and brightest in the barcoding and healthcare industries. We only work with companies who share our strict standards of quality and innovation. The hospitals, milk banks, and medical centers who rely on our technology and the technologies of our partners know that they can count on serious experts to provide a user-friendly, effective method for treating delicate preemie patients.

Zebra is a Paragon partner and the preferred hardware choice for the SafeBaby® system

Paragon has proudly represented Zebra Technologies since the day we were created!  As the leading RFID printer manufacturers and encoders in the world, Zebra has been working since in 1969 to improve the ease and precision of electronic identification, payment processing, and product tracking. Their printing products and supplies are used in almost every industry imaginable; their healthcare line being a popular choice for small medical centers and large hospital networks alike.  Our SafeBaby® Software Solution relies on Zebra-brand printers and scanners to provide a quality, dependable feed management system that can handle the demands of your NICU.  In addition, SafeBaby® became an officially validated Zebra application in 2015, which guarantees that we are fully compatible with Zebra printing and enterprise products.

Medolac is a Paragon partner and relies on the SafeBaby® system to manage their human milk

As the global leader in human milk based therapies, Medolac Laboratories was an obvious choice of partner for Paragon. Medolac supports the scientific movement towards natural treatment options, utilizing milk banking, donation, and safe pasteurization programs to bring the many benefits of breast milk to infants in need. Medolac collects breast milk donations from pre-qualified donors and tests each shipment for contaminants or additives. The raw milk is then combined into commercially-sterile batches and retested for quality assurance.  SafeBaby® Solution built a milk tracking module for Medolac that provides the lot traceability they need to comply with food and medical safety standards. Our software tracks milk from the moment of donation to delivery at the NICU- and if the NICU also uses our system, the milk can be tracked until it is fed to a specific patient. We are proud to be involved in such an innovative and effective method of care.

Neomed partners with Paragon and SafeBaby Solutions

One of the leading manufacturers of neonatal and pediatric products, NeoMed® Inc. focuses on providing safe enteral feeding devices for the NICU.  The company was created in 2007 to eliminate injuries and misfeeds from tubing misconnections, and SafeBaby® became a partner directly after our inception in 2009.  NeoMed®‘s research in sterile closed-system tubes, containers, and hardware continues to raise standards in the collection, storage, delivery and tracking of nutrition of preemie patients.  SafeBaby partnered with Neomed® to bring safe, cost-effective, and efficient methods of storing, delivering, and feeding expressed breast milk, donor milk, and formula to delicate infants in the NICU.  Milk donors or parents of patients can pump and store their expressed breast milk directly into several options of Neomed® sterile units, which are sealed against contamination from bacteria and air.  These bottles are labeled with a unique barcode, which corresponds to patient and parent information, milk expiration, caloric count, and more.  Our comprehensive feed management system then identifies and validates every bottle of milk to ensure correct nutrition each time.  Using Neomed® products along with the SafeBaby® Solution ensures that your hospital or milk bank will be compliant with medical regulations and support full supply chain traceability.

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