Press Release: Growth Rates from Donor Milk Consistent with Mother’s Milk

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LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. February 25, 2016, 9 AM PST

Growth and Tolerance Study Shows Positive Results for SafeBaby® Partner Medolac’s® Co-op Donor Milk

growth rates from co-op donor milk equal to breastmilkThe abstract of a long awaited, independent hospital study has reported that preterm infants fed Co-op donor milk experienced growth rates consistent with mother’s own milk during critical stages of the hospital stay.  This is the first clinical study reporting outcomes for preterm infants fed Co-op donor milk, the first commercially sterile, homogenized donor milk that can be stored at room temperature for up to three years.  The findings are significant since an abundance of published data has reported consistently poor weight gain when preterm infants were fed donor milk from other sources.  This study provides evidence that Medolac’s Co-op donor milk is a suitable option where mothers own milk is not available or in short supply.   Mothers of hospitalized babies often experience low milk supply, especially during prolonged hospitalization.  Many hospital neonatal units experience difficulty sourcing donor milk resulting in rationing that limits usage to only the smallest and most fragile infants.
“We are pleased that clinical studies are now confirming what our hospital accounts have already discovered, that Medolac’s Co-op Donor Milk is exceptionally well tolerated and supports robust growth.  Simply put, it’s a game changer in neonatal nutrition.  With the rapid increase in demand for donor milk, many milk banks lack the ability to scale, something we built into our model from the start,”  said Elena Medo, Medolac’s Chairman and CEO.
Summary findings were presented to participants at the NEO Conference, in Orlando Florida today and earlier this month at the Southern Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research.  Because Medolac Laboratories is a Public Benefit Corporation with a social impact agenda, Co-Op donor milk is affordable and widely available through standard hospital supply channels.

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