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The revolutionary NICU feed management system.

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SafeBaby® BMT is a configurable, customizable breast milk tracking and feeding software system for the treatment of at-risk preemies.  SafeBaby® BMT was developed to ensure that every baby being treated in the NICU receives the best nutrition for their needs, while eliminating the risks of traditional enteral feeding methods.

SafeBaby® breast milk tracking for hospitals and donor banksBy implementing an automated barcode-based feed management system, NICUs can more efficiently treat a greater number of patients in a shorter amount of time, providing each baby with safe, cost-effective, and personalized care free from incorrect nutrition or dangerous tubing misconnections.

Using their SafeBaby® system, nurses scan the unique 2-D barcode on each vessel of expressed breast milk, donor milk, or formula, validating that the correct milk is being fed to the correct child and verifying that the contents are not expired or meant for another infant. Tracking the breast milk’s volume, caloric value, and fortification, and recording the time of the administered feed on each baby’s chart saves neonatal professionals countless hours of busywork and prevents the loss of vital information through human error.  Keep reading to discover the benefits of our NICU feed management tool, or click the button to watch SafeBaby® BMT in action.  WATCH OUR VIDEO

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Many premature children have underdeveloped immune systems and are still developing delicate tissues, significantly limiting their ability to eat. Each feeding is an opportunity for growth and must contain a precise balance of optimal nutrition.

  • Provides full fortification options to meet the needs of every patient
  • Breast milk tracking software utilizes secure EMR updating and communication, keeping patient information confidential

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Nurses that utilize the SafeBaby® breast milk tracking system can spend more time interacting with patients and their families while spending less effort on administrative tasks.

  • Eliminates the two-nurse check by validating feeds, verifying the contents are not expired or otherwise incompatible for the baby’s current treatment plan.
  • Identifies proper fortification amounts and aids the nurse in bottle preparation.
  • Tracks the volume, fortification, and time of the administered feed.
  • Automatically updates the patient’s EMR, ensuring no vital information is lost and each feed has been accounted for.

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By controlling feed management protocols, our system provides an automatic safety-net while standardizing patient care.

  • Reduces preparation errors, misfeeds, and bacterial contamination
  • Increases staff accountability by recording each feed and instance of system access.
  • Decreases the likelihood of a medical malpractice lawsuit by preventing human error

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By regulating feedings and milk inventory, hospitals can track consumption, avoid duplicate ordering, and even automatically order more donor milk before stocks get too low

  • Automatically updates database of available supplies with each recorded feed
  • Tracks remaining and outdated stock, preventing milk waste
  • Allows automatic communication between NICUs and donor banks through cloud technology
  • Cost-efficient ordering saves money, leaving more funds available to provide competitive care

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Born from a desire to provide safer care for at-risk infants, our system was developed to combine advanced feeding techniques with the natural healing and nutrition found in breast milk and fortified formulas. Since 2009, SafeBaby® Software Solutions has been working to create a more secure and baby-friendly hospital environment free from feeding errors.  Today, NICUs around the country depend on SafeBaby® BMT’s innovative solutions to help nourish and rehabilitate delicate preemie patients. Click the button to read about our more recent expansion into donor milk bank supply chain systems.  SEE MORE

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