Improving BFHI compliance with automated supply chain and inventory management.

SafeBaby® DMT has been designed to help milk banks facilitate the Baby-Friendly Initiative.  Our donor milk tracking software allows human milk banks to supply their client NICUs with donated breast milk while supporting good traceability and safety compliance practices.  After perfecting the mechanics of NICU feeds, we began to recognize how challenging it was to get donor milk to the hospital efficiently.  With so few milk banks to supply so many NICUs, the logistics of sending and receiving enough breast milk for hungry preemies can be a rather daunting task.  Through a revolutionary combination of barcoding software and cloud technology, the SafeBaby® team makes it possible.

SafeBaby DMT provides donor milk tracking, safety measures and traceability for donor milk banksThrough the SafeBaby® method, donor banks can collect, scan, and upload each vessel of breast milk’s weight and caloric count, as well as automatically update their database of available supplies.  Client NICUs who also utilize the SafeBaby® system have instant access to their milk bank’s current inventory, and can notify the donor center when they require more product.

Our donor milk tracking solution allows milk banks keep an accurate count of each bottle’s batch lot number, milk calories, serial, and expiration date.  This data follows the bottle throughout the feed process, providing a complete traceability record until consumption.  Tracking the breast milk’s origin saves donor bank technicians countless hours of busywork and prevents the loss of vital information through human error. TAKE OUR DONOR MILK SURVEY



Many premature children have underdeveloped immune systems and are still developing delicate tissues, significantly limiting their ability to eat. Donor banks provide the gentle protection of breast milk to patients in the NICU, significantly reducing the chances of infection or illness and promoting growth.

  • Dynamic label contains vital milk information that travels with the bottle to the moment of consumption, so nurses can track nutrition with no guesswork or additional labor.
  • Donor milk tracking software keeps an accurate record of breast milk expiration and caloric count, never putting a preemie at risk of a misfeed.


Milk banks that utilize the SafeBaby® donor milk tracking system no longer have to waste time manually entering data or compiling reports.

  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • Changes in bottle location or expiration can be updated with a simple scan.
  • Inventory searches are made easy.  Staff can use the SafeBaby® system to find a specific bottle from a specific batch of processed milk.
  • Tracks the batch or lot number, milk expiration date, caloric count, and serialized label of each bottle, which is stored and easily communicated to a client NICU in an automatically-generated report.
  • Packing slips with the nutrition information of the enclosed bottles are automatically created.


By regulating milk inventory and communicating with client hospitals through the cloud, milk banks not only have complete traceability throughout their supply chain, but by tracking hospital consumption and allowing NICUs to automatically order more product, can provide better customer service and feed more preemies.

  • Automatically updates database of available supplies with each newly created batch or milk delivery.
  • Tracks remaining and outdated stock, preventing milk waste.
  • Allows automatic communication and ordering between a donor bank and their client NICUs through cloud technology.
  • Records the lot each bottle of milk came from in case of spoiled product.


Born from a desire to provide safer care for at-risk infants, our system was developed to combine advanced feeding techniques with the natural healing and nutrition found in breast milk and fortified formulas. Since 2009, SafeBaby® Software Solutions has been working to create more secure and baby-friendly treatment options free from feeding errors.  We are proud to be a part of the Baby-Friendly Initiative.  Click the button to read about our first preemie support solution, SafeBaby® BMT.  Our innovative breast milk tracking software has helped nourish and rehabilitate delicate preemie patients for nearly a decade.  SEE MORE

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