Track and validate donor milk from Medolac Laboratories

Donor Milk from MedolacAs the importance of breastmilk becomes more apparent to the scientific community, donor milk banks have opened to fulfill the needs of many prematurely born children.  Preemies are often born with underdeveloped gut tissues that can’t handle harsh artificial formulas or ingest large amounts of milk at one time.  Every feed needs to consist of the best nutrition possible to promote healthy growth and healing.  For mothers who cannot produce their own breastmilk or produce enough to satisfy their baby, Medolac Laboratories and Paragon provide a reliable solution.


The SafeBaby® MDM Module is a stand-alone system that utilizes our patented donor milk tracking software to manage and validate milk from Medolac Laboratories.  Our software has been designed to support strict traceability and safety compliance practices in human milk banks, tracking milk from donation, through pasteurization and delivery to a hospital, up until the time of feed.  Because every lot is saved within the bank database, any milk unfit for use can be instantly flagged and quarantined, preventing misfeeds or contamination before it happens without risking the loss of unaffected product.  Using SafeBaby® software, you can be confident that the breastmilk fed to your patients is fully validated.

In addition to providing feed efficiency and consistent hospital resupply, the SafeBaby® MDM module also acts as a quality assurance and patient safety system.  Though Medolac’s donor milk is collected, inspected, pasteurized, and packaged in a manner that exceeds FDA guidelines for safety, there is always concern for product integrity when dealing with human donations. If the SafeBaby® MDM module detects a potential issue such as contamination or donor illness, the system will prevent milk from being delivered, no matter where it is in the supply chain.  It will also immediately send out text or email alerts to the key personnel in your healthcare organization, so your team can address a problem quickly with minimal disruption.  Finally, if the flagged product has already been sent to a NICU, SafeBaby®’s system prevents milk from being assigned to a patient until this hold is removed.





  • Inventory Receipt: Enter all milk into the system by scanning each case’s barcode
  • Inventory Location: Manage all locations of milk storage, so that you know where your product is and how much is on hand at any time
  • Optimal Supply Chain Integration: Set automatic replenishment points to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained


  • Real-time alerts if there is a hold put on any inventory
  • On-hold inventory is automatically prevented from being assigned
  • Instant text and e-mail notifications delivered to your organization’s compliance personnel when a lot is placed on hold


  • Maintains a record of which patient was assigned what milk and what lot number, per Joint Commission Guidelines
  • Choose whether to utilize the HL7 interface for patient information, or simply associate a reference number with assigned milk


  • On-hand inventory
  • Patient assignment
  • Lot control


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The safebaby MDM Module from Paragon

Paragon, Medolac, and the Mother’s Milk Collective work hand-in-hand to provide optimum nutrition to at-risk patients.

The SafeBaby® MDM Module is specially designed to allow NICUs to safely and accurately track, store, and manage their stock of donated breastmilk from Medolac, accessing data about the milk’s weight, volume, caloric count, acquisition and expiration dates in a shared cloud database. SafeBaby® MDM gives NICUs using Medolac milk complete visibility throughout the supply chain, providing the confidencein care that every nurse and preemie parent deserves.


Medolac laboratories is a Paragon partner and relies on the SafeBaby solutionAs the global leader in human milk based therapies, Medolac Laboratories was an obvious choice of partner for Paragon. Medolac supports the scientific movement towards natural treatment options, utilizing milk banking, donation, and safe pasteurization programs to bring the many benefits of breast milk to infants in need.

Medolac’s philosophy is simple: Apply the most advanced science to deliver the highest-quality products in order to achieve the best results for infants.  Their products are designed for superior safety, quality, access and affordability. This approach has been the foundation for their growth and success in their burgeoning sector. As the industry leader in human milk derived nutrition and therapies, Medolac is redefining the role of human milk as an untapped source of potential for improved human health from the hospital, to infants at home and beyond.  Click on the links below to learn more:

Paragon built and powers the MDM Module that provides Medolac with the lot traceability and data sharing they need to comply with food and medical safety standards. Our software tracks milk from the moment of donation to delivery at the NICU- and if the NICU also uses our system, the milk can be tracked until it is fed to a specific patient. We are proud to be involved in such an innovative and effective method of care.

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