Comprehensive nutrition analysis software being developed for milk fortification

Premature newborns typically have underdeveloped, immature digestive systems, which require more delicate and sensitive balances of nutrition than their full-term peers.  In fact, most doctors recommend that preterm babies receive about four times more protein per feed than a full-term baby.  But when the simple act of eating is an exhausting ordeal, preemies can’t get this extra nutrition by consuming more milk.  Instead, neonatalogists must be able to fortify small amounts of breast milk or formula to pack more nutritional punch into every feeding.  Studies show that this can be achieved through the process of human breast milk analysis.

Safenutrition® comprehensive nutrition analysis from SafeBaby® products helps preemiesSafeNutrition® Analysis is currently being developed to further revolutionize the SafeBaby System.  This human milk analysis process will be created to foster accelerated growth and development after early birth, allowing for extensive weight gain at a safe and efficient pace.  We envision the system will apply mid-infrared spectroscopy to expressed breast milk to assess its true baseline value of protein.  Instead of guessing how much extra protein should be added, the actual figure will be determined based on the individual milk sample.  The result?  A far more accurate feed that doesn’t contain too little or too much protein for the baby to digest.  Using SafeNutrition®, neonatologists will be able to see a comprehensive chemical breakdown of nutrient content in all expressed breast milk, donor milk, and supplemented formula feeds, and compare their components to extensive macronutrient tables.  Once each source has been analyzed, our system will recommend a customized fortification combination for each individual patient.

Just like our innovative inventory and feed management systems, SafeNutrition® Analysis will feature accurate programming, automatic & secure reporting protocols, and a simple, easy-to-use interface.  Hospitals that use SafeNutrition® in addition to their SafeBaby® Software can expect reductions in intestinal damage, bacterial infection, and achieve better growth outcomes than traditional NICUs.


See the research behind human milk analysis and targeted fortification that is driving SafeBaby forward in our mission for better NICU care.

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