What your I.T. department needs to know

SafeBaby technicians need to be familiar with system specifications to ensure your tracking system works properlyThe SafeBaby® system uses a MS SQL database.  It supports HL7 communication with the EMR to prevent unnecessary manual data entry.  The HL7 interface supports ADT messages, feed results messages (ORU), and CPOE messages (ORM).  SafeBaby® is designed to be completely scalable. The screen layout can be quickly modified to mirror the NICU processes the hospital employs.

Below is a list of most of the technical specifications your medical center will need to use SafeBaby®. If you don’t see the specification you need or have a question about functionality, please contact us directly at 800.211.0768 or send us a message. We are happy to walk you through all aspects of our feed management and milk tracking solution.


The MS SQL Server requires the following minimum hardware and software…..

A physical system with the following hardware:

2 CPUs (64-bits capable)


12 GBs disk space (NTFS) for DB installation

5 GBs disk space (NTFS) dedicated to the SafeBaby® system database

10 GBs disk space (NTFS) dedicated to backups and archives

The following software:

MS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit, Service Pack 1

MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit


The following hardware and software specifications are recommended, but not required, for optimal use…..

A physical system with the following hardware:

4 CPUs (64-bits capable)


12 GBs disk space (NTFS) for DB installation

5 GBs disk space (NTFS) dedicated to the SafeBaby® database

10 GBs disk space (NTFS) dedicated to backups and archives

The following software:

MS Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit

MS SQL Server 2012 64-bit


The SafeBaby® Server specifications require the following minimum hardware and software…..

A physical system with the following hardware:



The following software:

Microsoft Windows


The SafeBaby® Application requires the following external devices.  All hardware must be calibrated to listed specifications…..

MC55A0-HC Mobile Computer for Health Care

Zebra Label Printer 2824 Plus Series (connected via Ethernet cable)


The SafeBaby® System specifications offers the following features…..

Does your system track thawed and fortified EMB expiration parameters?

Absolutely.  And unlike many of our competitors, the SafeBaby® system actually comes with a fully-loaded nutrition and recipe library for efficient fortifications, so you can modify your formula to the desired concentration.

Can SafeBaby® track the volume of stored or fed milk?

Yes.  The SafeBaby® Solution has the capability to track volume in mls from the moment the expressed, donor, or formula milk is received and scanned into our system. SafeBaby® will not only track and record the initial inventory information, but will trace the actual volume of milk a patient consumes during each feed. However, the SafeBaby® database does not require that a medical center track volume- the choice is up to you.

Our hospital isn’t interested in tracking the expiration and inventory of our expressed breast milk.  Can we still use your system?

Certainly. One of the best features of the SafeBaby® system is its ability to fit your existing facility workflows. Our database is customizable to nearly any hospital or donor bank process- so there is no need to disrupt the methods you use to treat your patients. SafeBaby® is designed to be as robust or as uncomplicated as your NICU or milk bank requires. If simple functionality is all that you need, SafeBaby® can validate a feed in as little as three easy scans.

Does the SafeBaby® system track donor milk as well?

Yes. Our solution can be configured to accept, identify, store, and track donated breast milk by inputting the donor bank or lot number data. SafeBaby® can also assign donor milk to a specific child.

Does SafeBaby® print an additive label after a bottle or syringe is fortified?

Yes. This feature can be turned off if desired.

Does SafeBaby® track formula?

Yes, SafeBaby® offers built-in tracking options for these data points as well.


The SafeBaby® System offers the following functionality…..

Does the SafeBaby® system work with touchscreen and mobile devices?

Yes, SafeBaby® is fully compatible with all touchscreen monitors.  We offer the Windows-based MC55 mobile computer for flexible functioning.

Can SafeBaby® utilize a hospital’s active directory for login authentication?

Definitely. Our entire system is designed to accept LDAP.

What type of server does your system require?

SafeBaby® runs on a Microsoft Windows platform, and requires Microsoft SQL Server versions 2005 or later.

Can we use our existing server?

Yes, SafeBaby® can be implemented on your existing framework, provided it follows all listed specifications.

Is your system compatible with wireless network functionality?

SafeBaby® will run on any 802.11 network and is compatible with all major wireless security protocols and specifications.


Frequently asked questions about our SafeBaby® Software…..

Why does SafeBaby® use the mother as a primary contact when tracking expressed breast milk?

SafeBaby® associates EBM with the mother, because it allows the EBM to be more easily and securely used between multiple siblings. Once the milk is fortified or a syringe is filled, SafeBaby® tracks the milk against the individual child’s information.

Does SafeBaby® require the use of the “SafeBabyBMTTM patient ID barcode” for identification purposes?

No. Our solution’s specifications can use the patient’s account number or MRN barcode on the existing ID label to validate the baby’s identity.

Can your system be used with our existing hardware?

Yes. The SafeBaby® application can be loaded onto laptops, COW’s, WOW’s, and viewed on a monitor. It can also be loaded on existing handhelds as long as they run on Windows Mobile 5.0 OS or greater and follow all other SafeBaby® specifications.

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