Tech Support for NICU Milk Tracking Systems When That Hotline Bling

By Bri Ziganti

tech support for NICU milk tracking systems

No one likes sending off an email to some faceless tech support center and wondering if their message has been lost to a digital graveyard.  Paragon’s 24/7 tech support for NICU milk tracking systems is our answer to a computerized world that’s become too impersonal and unresponsive.  Our team believes in having fun while providing the best service possible.

Tech Support for NICU Milk Tracking Systems: A Year-Round Responsibility
When you purchase a SafeBaby® Feed Management System, you’re not just buying an advanced inventory and validation solution for your NICU.  You’re purchasing efficient and effective peace of mind.  Each and every one of our SafeBaby® customers are given access to our priority service hotline, which is manned 24/7/365 by our U.S. based first-responders support team.  We guarantee that your call will be answered by a real human being, and that a knowledgeable SafeBaby® technician will begin addressing your concerns within two hours of your call.  Even if we can’t fix a problem right away, we want you to know that your questions have been heard and that a workaround or solution will be provided.

After Implementation: There for You, so You can be there for Them

It’s no secret that working as a NICU nurse, dietitian, or neonatologist is a demanding job.  Taking on complete responsibility for such a small, fragile life isn’t just a career, but a true calling.

We understand that passion and attention to detail.  Once our implementation team have packed up and returned to the office, our work doesn’t end, because your SafeBaby® System is now running in a constantly changing environment.  New NICU staff comes on board, questions arise, and hey– nobody’s perfect.  Someone’s going to accidentally select the wrong system setting, and you can bet it’ll happen over a long weekend or late at night when typical software firms are closed for the day.  That’s why Paragon has invested in on-call support for our client hospitals.

Simply speaking, we believe tech support for NICU milk tracking systems should always be an industry standard, not an exception.  Well-served clients are happy clients, and happy clients are the type of people we like working with.

Self-Support and Continual Training:

While talking to a human being is great, versatility matters too.  In addition to personal phone support, we’ve developed a special training application for our client hospitals.  A series of short videos that can be played on an iPad or Windows tablet as well as a Windows desktop are included with your purchase, so your nurses or IT staff can reference them at any time.

With supported solutions for breastmilk tracking, donor milk tracking, formula tracking, and fortifications, it’s not hard to see why SafeBaby® is trusted by NICUs across the country to provide the same standard of care hospitals expect from their staff.  Whenever our hotline bling, we’ll be there to answer the call.

Find out more about our breastmilk tracking system or click here to get a quote for a system of your own.

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