The behind-the-scenes technical information you need to use the SafeBaby® System in your facility.

While the SafeBaby® System is user-friendly, there are still many components and system specifications that need to align before our solution can work properly in your hospital or milk bank.  Our FAQ’s and system specification pages contain valuable technical information such as the most common questions about our features and functionality, and a breakdown of the the necessary hardware and software units that your I.T. department will need to procure. Please keep in mind that every facility will receive a custom-built system to work with their existing processes and fulfill their different needs, so these pages are not an exhaustive list. To get the most accurate idea of how SafeBaby® will function with your unique workflow, please fill out our quote application form or contact us directly.


We can answer your faqs on the SafeBaby systemRead some of the common FAQ’s we receive about the SafeBaby® Software Solution, including questions on system features, legal compliance, tracking specifics, and hardware functionality.  While every NICU or milk bank will require a unique configuration and customized implementation, facilities can still get a general idea of the parameters of our software.  For more in-depth overview of technical requirements, please refer to our system specifications page below.



SafeBaby technicians need to be familiar with technical information and system specifications to ensure your tracking system works properlyThe SafeBaby® Solution’s required specifications allow it to connect to your hospital or milk bank’s existing HL7 and inventory systems, ensuring automatic data transfer and negating the need to rekey data.  The software is set up to allow effortless customization to meet each client’s specific requirements, and its data structure and layout can be quickly modified to mirror the NICU processes the hospital employs. Field names and data structures are adaptable to any healthcare system.  Click to view a list of most of the technical specifications your medical center will need to use SafeBaby®



SafeBaby® Systems offers comprehensive support and service to all our clientsYour patients need your systems to run reliably, and come back online quickly if an accident or update occurs.  That’s why each SafeBaby® license includes a comprehensive support and maintenance contract to provide your hospital or bank facility with 24/7 service.  Our after-hours hotline connects you directly with a certified technician, who can walk you through many technical issues.  For more serious repairs, our service center can fix your broken hardware.  Software updates and expansions are also implemented by our SafeBaby® service team.  With SafeBaby®, you can rest easy knowing that your patients and staff will always be taken care of.


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