How does SafeBaby® support traceability, product quality standards, and patient safety throughout the milk donation, storage, and feed supply chain?

SafeBaby system process flow charts illustrate how our solution can improve work efficiency and patient safetyThe SafeBaby® system tracks all aspects of the feeding cycle- from milk bank or mother, to bottle, to baby- to create a safe, effective, and affordable system process flow for your donor milk bank or NICU.

Our donor milk tracking solution allows milk banks to keep accurate records of each bottle’s batch lot number, milk calories, serial, and expiration date.  This data follows the bottle throughout the feed process, providing a complete traceability record until consumption.  Our breast milk identification and feed management software performs a similar tracking function in the NICU, but also validates that the right milk is being fed to the right child at the right time.  Discover how SafeBaby® BMT and SafeBaby® DMT system process flow streamline operations, identifying the nutritional characteristics of each bottle of milk and delivering it to the preemie patients in need.  Interested in learning more?  Click the button to see how our system process flow comes to life in the NICU.  WATCH OUR VIDEO


Expressed breast milk, donor milk, or formula is scanned in order to match the bottle’s barcode with the patient’s ID wristband.  The SafeBaby® system will verify that the milk is not expired or incompatible with the baby’s treatment, track the volume of milk given, and record the amount of calories, the time of the feed, and the identity of the employee administering care.  This information is then uploaded to the SafeBaby® database and the hospital’s EMR.  Read more about SafeBaby® BMT here.

SafeBaby® milk to patient system process flow chart shows how our technology identifies and validates every bottle for safe feeds


Expressed breast milk from a NICU parent or an approved donor is collected and shipped to the milk donation bank.  The milk is pooled, pasteurized, and tracked by donor ID, expiration, and batch lot number.  Throughout the milk processing sequence, samples are tested for bacterial contamination to ensure quality.  The SafeBaby® system produces barcoded labels which contain a serialized ID and milk expiration, caloric count, volume, nutrients, and lot number.  This information is then uploaded to our database, and can be shared with a bank’s client hospital if the hospital also uses the SafeBaby solution®. This database can also automatically notify the NICU when more supplies are available, and will communicate with the donor bank to request another delivery. Read more about SafeBaby® DMT here.

The SafeBaby® donor milk system process flow chart shows how our technology supports traceability throughout the donated breast milk cycle
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