Too little for a “little” mistake

When a child is born prematurely, the odds are already stacked against them.  A preemie’s underdeveloped tissues makes eating difficult and leaves them vulnerable to infection. Every drop of milk that they can eat must be precisely fortified to their nutritional needs to avoid injury and help them thrive.  Expired or contaminated milk can actually be deadly.  All these complications make premature birth and the days, weeks, or months of treatment that follow a harrowing event for the families of preemies and the doctors who provide them with intensive care.

The SafeBaby® System from Paragon is an innovative milk tracking and feed management solution for the NICU that eliminates the risks of misfeeds and contamination. Since our conception, we’ve worked within the industry to advance the science of nutrition fortification and validation, ensuring that every child receives the right milk at the right time. We believe that these patients are just too little for a “little” mistake.

Paragon has installed SafeBaby® in NICUs large and small to deliver optimal nutrition to hungry children.  Your patients cannot afford a misfeed.  Watch our short film to discover how automated data entry and milk validation can increase efficiency, decrease nursing stress, and most importantly, aid your preemies in their recovery.


Since 2009, SafeBaby® Software Solutions has been working to create a more secure and baby-friendly hospital environment free from feeding errors.  Today, NICUs around the country depend on SafeBaby® BMT’s innovative solutions to help nourish and rehabilitate delicate preemie patients. Click the button to read more about the benefits of NICU feed management.  SEE MORE

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