Make every feed count with SafeBaby®

SafeBaby® BMT is a revolutionary NICU feed management tool to help keep preemies safe.  Our software solution identifies, tracks, stores, and validates expressed breast milk, donor milk, and fortified formula, ensuring that no patient receives an expired, contaminated, or incompatible feed.  Every bottle of milk receives a unique barcode containing information about the milk’s volume, caloric count, donor batch number or mother’s ID, and expiration date.  This data corresponds to each premature baby’s barcoded ID wristband.

Before a feed can take place, neonatal nurses or technicians must scan both barcodes.  If they match, the baby is fed and the time and volume of the milk consumed, as well as the employee who administered the feed, is automatically recorded in the hospital’s EMR.  If they do not match or the milk is expired, the system prevents the misfeed from happening.  Using our methods, medical facilities can not only treat a greater number of patients, but provide each baby with safe, cost-effective, and personalized care.

In the NICU, every feed counts.  Proper nutrition during the first few weeks of life can help protect and develop a baby’s immune system and promote healthy growth.  But when a patient is as delicate and as vulnerable as a preemie, finding the energy to eat can be a herculean task.  By validating a feed before it takes place, SafeBaby® Software Solution ensures that no opportunity for growth and healing is wasted.  We invite you to watch our system in action and discover why we are the best choice for busy NICUs.


Since 2009, SafeBaby® Software Solutions has been working to create a more secure and baby-friendly hospital environment free from feeding errors.  Today, NICUs around the country depend on SafeBaby® BMT’s innovative solutions to help nourish and rehabilitate delicate preemie patients. Click the button to read more about the benefits of NICU feed management.  SEE MORE

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