SafeBaby®‘s dynamic barcodes eliminate time consuming, costly relabeling with no need for manual data entry.

Unlike other systems, SafeBaby® offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to keep your patients safe.  Before a child is given milk, our solution cross-references the bottle’s barcode with the barcode on the intended recipient’s wristband.  If a mismatch is detected, the action is flagged and the nurse is warned not to proceed, preventing a misfeed well before it happens.

Any desired changes in bottle or syringe location or alterations to the milk’s volume, recipe, or expiration are recorded automatically, transferring information and populating data fields with a simple scan.  Once a feed or treatment has taken place, this information is not only applied to our program, but sent from SafeBaby®‘s database to the hospital’s EMR for quick and accurate reporting.  More recently, we have adapted our labels to work for donor milk banks as well: their inventory is updated as bottles are scanned, and they can share this information with their client NICUs so hospitals can see what milk is available.  Instead of spending time manually entering data, running field searches, or ordering product, your staff can focus on providing the intensive hands-on care preemies need to recover.

But SafeBaby® not only does all this automatically- we do it with only one label.  Our competitors require neonatal technicians to use as many as six labels per feeding container to reflect any changes in bottle or feed data.  And even with so many labels, their static, cumbersome design can’t match SafeBaby®‘s functionality.

If you need a smart and safe solution to streamline your workflow- SafeBaby® can.


Truly, the dangers of using traditional records are no better illustrated than in the wards of the NICU.  When a premature infant’s life hangs by a thread, the several minutes it takes to find hard-copy patient records or manually input data could be deadly in a medical emergency.  In order to provide safe and satisfactory treatment, neonatal nurses require accurate, easily accessible information.  But when that data needs to be consolidated from several days of treatment, separate specialists, or even different hospitals, putting it all together can be a daunting task that distracts a nurse from the crisis at hand.  As a result, emergency care takes longer and is more stressful on little ones and their medical professionals.  Even routine tasks like feeding and cleaning become more cumbersome when data isn’t automated.  Scanning a barcode or checking a patient’s EMR is a simpler, quicker process that allows nurses to focus on giving the hands-on treatment a preemie needs.  When feeding information is automatically sent to the chart, the entire care process becomes a streamlined machine of beauty.

SafeBaby®‘s automated solution allows nursing staff to easily and efficiently track not just bottle feeds, but NPO’s, oral care, breastfeeds, swabs, and colustrum as well.  Utilizing a manual system opens your facility to increased liability and labor, as neonatal technicians and medical personnel are forced to input data themselves.

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